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Friendship Spell

Friendship Spell and Friendship Blessing Spell

Not everyone who comes into your life will bring you joy and happiness. There are far too many people who spend their lives leaching off the energy of others and leaving you tired, resentful, and emotionally and spiritually exhausted. It’s time to set your life free.

My friendship spells attract friends and positive people into your life and will flood your aura with positive forces, attracting even more positive forces and people into your life. As with the rest of the universe, like forces are attracted to one another.

By becoming a more positive person, you will, in turn, attract positive people and friendships to you. These friendships and relationships will renew the energies in your spirit and enhance the rest of your life.

Although you can use a friendship spell to bring better people and stronger relationships into your life, you can also use it to enhance your social standing or grow your social circle. The positive magical forces involved in the ritual will enhance the quality and quantity of your relationships. By radiating energy, you will automatically become the center of attention and affection. You will see your social calendar fill with remarkable speed and will find yourself surrounded by others who radiate supportive, nurturing energies.

If you have recently moved or plan to move to a new, strange place, this spell will help you grow a strong, supportive social group. You will attract positive people who will only add to the positive radiant forces you will gain from this spell. You will automatically find friends who will share and support you in your new residence.

This spell also works if you have recently changed jobs. You will find your coworkers to be happy and welcoming and may find among them a few great friends.

Why Friendship Spells Work?

Do not underestimate the power of friendship spells. They are extremely powerful and can protect your friendship even in the most difficult situations. Friendship spells usually work in different ways, depending on the intensity of your use and how much faith you have in them. They will create a protective shield around you and your friend to keep your relationship unaffected, and this will protect both of you from developing jealousy issues, suspicion and ego clashes. A Friendship spell strongly discourages the troublemakers by keeping them distracted or discouraged against making trouble for you.