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Car and Boat Protection Spell

Car and Boat Blessing Spell and Protection Spell

Fancy cars and boats are toys of millionaires and celebrities. Many of us dream of owning yachts and fancy European sports cars but few reach the financial status to acquire such possessions.

Instead, you set your sites on a fun water craft, fishing boat, convertible, or sports car that will meet the needs of your inner adventurer as well as your budget.

So you save up over time and finally accumulate enough funds to purchase the watercraft or vehicle and revel in the inevitable fun you’ll experience as a result of your purchase.

But wouldn’t you like the security of knowing nothing will befall you and your investments?

The Car and Boat Blessing Spell and Protection Spell is designed to protect your purchases and prevent them from falling victim to any kind of harm. This spell will surround your boat or car with powerful positive forces that protect it from the evil eye, negative energies of envy or jealousy, and the forces of nature that might destroy your possessions. Insurance is for protecting your property in the event of a disaster. Wouldn’t you rather NOTHING happen to it? By using this spell, you ensure that your property is protected from:

  • Accidents
  • Damage
  • Theft
  • Fire
  • Collision
  • And jacking of any kind
  • All of the spells on this site compliment one another and can be used simultaneously to produce the desired result. Use the Car and Boat Blessing Spell to protect your vehicles and the House Blessing and Protection Spell to protect your house. If you do not yet own the car or boat of your dreams, consider the Prosperity spell to bring continued wealth into your life and provide yourself with the car or boat you so desperately desire. Once you have acquired your property, you can then protect it with one of the powerful blessing spells specifically designed for your unique needs.