Learn How to cast A Spell with a Basket on your own

A Spell with a Basket

Learn How to cast A Spell with a Basket on your own


Cast A Spell with a Basket if someone you know is in low spirits or perhaps in ill health, wish him or her well with this charmed basket.

You will need

  • A wicker basket with a handle
  • A suitable plant (if you have grown it yourself, so much the better)
  • A flowerpot that will fit into the basket
  • Three spiral seashells
  • An amethyst crystal
  • A piece of rose quartz

    Choose a plant that is appropriate to your friend’s condition or illness. If he or she is feeling vaguely unwell, some larkspur or pimpernel would be a good choice, and if the plant is sweet smelling, so much the better.

    Put the shells, amethyst and rose quartz outside in a spot that catches the moonlight and leave them there for the seven nights before the moon is at her fullest, to charge them with her energy. First thing on the morning after the full moon, plant the chosen plant and wash its leaves with dew. If the plant has leaves and tendrils long enough, weave them around the handle of the basket. Lay the moon-charged shells and stones on the soil and say:

    As with love this gift is given, May ****** from ******* be driven. And let it be done, that it harm no one.

    If you decide to hire me to cast this spell on your behalf you need to make preparations and follow the instructions diligently. There are materials required for this spell. While preparing these materials and your wish list tune into your inner needs and energy that is within and surrounds you. A positive attitude is beneficial in order to release the energies into the universe.