Learn How to cast A Spell to Say Thank You on your own

A Spell to Say Thank You

Learn How to cast A Spell to Say Thank You on your own


Spells expressing gratitude are best cast on Mondays. Wearing white clothes reinforces the expression of thanks being offered. Even if spells have been cast to no apparent effect, it is still right to cast spells such as this, for always remember that magic takes time to work.

You will need

  • Any silver items
  • One white altar candle
  • One silver taper candle
  • A nosegay of white flowers
  • A bowl of fruit
  • A dish of coins
  • A crystal of snow quartz or an opal

    Light the white candle and as it burns meditate on it. Give silent thanks for the gifts you have received and for which you are saying thank you. Now light the silver candle, rise to your full height and bringing your hands high above your head, say:

    By the light of the sacred flame, I thank you for the magic cast in your name. And let it be done, that it harm no one.

    With thanks in your heart, watch the candle flame until it flickers and dies, then close your ritual as you usually do and leave your sacred space.

    If you decide to hire me to cast this spell on your behalf you need to make preparations and follow the instructions diligently. There are materials required for this spell. While preparing these materials and your wish list tune into your inner needs and energy that is within and surrounds you. A positive attitude is beneficial in order to release the energies into the universe.