Learn How to cast A Spell to Cast When a Pet Dies on your own

A Spell to Cast When a Pet Dies

Learn How to cast A Spell to Cast When a Pet Dies on your own


Non-pet owners often find it hard to understand the huge sense of loss that is experienced on the death of a much-loved pet, especially a dog. They simply don’t understand that the unconditional love a pet often displays towards its owner creates a bond that, when it is broken, can never be replaced. If you have been affected by such a loss, don’t try to contain your grief: bottled-up grief grows and grows until it can become quite unbearable. This spell should help ease your sense of loss.

You will need

  • Three small brown taper candles
  • Rosemary essential oil
  • Something that reminds you of your pet – a lead perhaps, or a collar

    Anoint the candles with the oil before lighting them and focusing on the three flickering flames, conjuring up in your mind’s eye some of the happy memories that you have of your dead pet. Now, holding the memento in both hands, say aloud some words of thanks for the companionship and friendship it brought into your life before saying that now is the time to say a final farewell. See the candle flames grow as you say ‘Goodbye!’ Don’t snuff out the candles (that’s why they should be small). Rather, focus on the flames getting smaller and smaller, seeing your grief diminish with them. And when they die, know that your grief has died with them.

    Finish the ritual by saying: Be at peace, And blessed be. And let it be done, that it harm no one.

    And remember that it is your grief that has gone, not your happy memories of your much-loved pet.

    If you decide to hire me to cast this spell on your behalf you need to make preparations and follow the instructions diligently. There are materials required for this spell. While preparing these materials and your wish list tune into your inner needs and energy that is within and surrounds you. A positive attitude is beneficial in order to release the energies into the universe.