Learn How to cast A Spell for Nervous Travellers on your own

A Spell for Nervous Travellers

Learn How to cast A Spell for Nervous Travellers on your own


There are times when we all feel nervous about a journey we have to make no matter how experienced a traveller we are. Cast this spell on the Wednesday before you set off and you will reach your destination safely. The spell can be cast for yourself or for another person.

You will need

  • A stone from your garden or from a local park
  • A yellow taper candle
  • Lavender essential oil
  • An essential oil burner
  • Yellow acrylic paint
  • Violet acrylic paint
  • A paintbrush

    Light the yellow candle and oil burner. Facing east, paint the stone yellow. As the paint dries, visualize yourself arriving safely at your destination. Now paint a violet triangle with three equal sides on the stone, with a line just above the base line, joining the other two sides. This is the symbol alchemists use to represent air.

    That done, face east and holding the stone in front of you at eye level repeat the following eight times:

    Oh Guardian of the East, Fill this stone with your blessing and protection. I pray for a safe journey to . . . . . for . . . . . Guard . . . . and guide . . . On the path this journey takes, And see . . . . home safely.

    At the end of the eighth repetition say, ‘And let it be done, that it harm no one’ before performing closing rituals in the usual way.

    Take the stone with you whenever you travel. Some magic makers put it in a consecrated pouch and wear it round their neck or at their waist until they are safely home. And once there they don’t forget to thank their deities for their protection.

    If you decide to hire me to cast this spell on your behalf you need to make preparations and follow the instructions diligently. There are materials required for this spell. While preparing these materials and your wish list tune into your inner needs and energy that is within and surrounds you. A positive attitude is beneficial in order to release the energies into the universe.